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Who we are

Dairy farmers of Cherangany limited hereafter referred to as the Producer Organization (PO) was duly registered on 1st September 2014 and has a Certificate of Incorporation number CPR/2014/158442 as a Public Limited Company (PLC). The PO is located at Mwaita center, Makutano Ward 22 kilometers from Kitale town along Kitale – Ziwa-Eldoret road, Cherangany Sub-County, Trans-Nzoia County.

It consists of Mwaita and Taito milk cooling plants managed by thirteen (13) directors – (annex 1-list of directors) and a management staff.

Today, Dairy Farmers of Cherangany Limited is a growing, structured and operational Producer Organization (PO).  Its scope and target of operation is county wide and is currently operating in two (2) sub-counties in Trans-Nzoia County namely; Cherangany,  Kwanza, and part of Elgeiyo-Marakwet county. The PO ensures that it fulfills its legal and statutory  compliance obligation through annual renewal of  the single business permit certificate , food hygiene regulators certificate for the cooling plant both from the county government, coolers license certificate and milk movement permit from the Kenya Dairy Board and KEBS.

In the year 2020, the PO started pasteurization and is currently in the process of installing an ESL line to process Long Life Milk.

Our Mission

To give outstanding values to our shareholders by providing consumers with unique, convenient, affordable and nutritious products in our chosen markets through manufacturing, excellence and innovation.

Our Vision

To be the leading dairy company in the Kenyan dairy industry and in the supply of high-quality dairy products and services.


  • The main objective of Dairy Farmers of Cherngany is to increase productivity and profitability of the Dairy Farmers in the region and beyond.
  • To encourage dairy production in the country
  • To improve milk production and collection
  • To process, package and market milk products
  • To promote consumption of milk products.
  • To create a forum of exchange of ideas and experiences amongst dairy stakeholders.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency- open and transparent in our operations
  • Reliability- consistent and true to our set procedures
  • Efficiency- Ensure smooth and timely service delivery
  • Customer care- treat our shareholders and customers in a fair and respectful manner
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Vision driven
  • Quality focus

Benefits of the Dairy Farmers of Cherangany to members include:-

  • Access to better markets and prices hence increase the incomes of the households
  • Link farmers to banking services: The Cooperative encourages farmers to open bank accounts from where revenues from the sale of milk are paid. This encourages farmers to save and access credit facilities.
  • Eliminate competition from middlemen, who are very aggressive and exploiting dairy farmers who are majorly smallholder farmers
  • Provide both skilled and non-skilled employment opportunities to locals
  • Provide agro vet services
  • Provision of quality A.I. services to the members
  • Provision of SACCO services to members
  • Capacity building service to the Dairy farmers.

Community Social Responsibility

Dairy Farmers of Cherangany further engages in Community Social Responsibility that include building houses for the most vulnerable members of society. A number of  houses have been constructed for the most vulnerable. Toilets and a sheep pen were construct at Bonde for the displaced people under resettlement. The PO also support sports (Bwake FC, that plays the National Division 2 League) and drilling water for schools and the community (Karara Primary, Kipsingori Girls, Murkuywa Primary and Benon Dispensary). The PO also support education of students from vulnerable families by assisting them get school fees loan which they pay via milk delivery.

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Professional Staff

The Dairy farmers of Cherangany team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for our dairy farmers, as well as ensuring the company is a fun, inclusive, challenging place to work and develop a rewarding career.


For internship/attachment/job applications please share your resume via careers@dairyfarmersofcherangany.com

Hon Wesley Korir

Co-founder, C.E.O

Where to buy our products

Our Products can be purchased here, and are also available at select retailers across Kenya.